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[Watch] JES Releases Music Video For “Anything Can Happen”

Singer and songwriter JES has released the third music video “Anything Can Happen” in her monthly acoustic series. The track was originally released with fellow Grammy nominee FATUM on Armada Music. Out now via Intonenation Records. “Anything Can Happen” pairs acoustic guitar and piano with a subtle electronic beat and muted synths while her soaring vocals take you on a journey of endless possibility.

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“There’s a beauty in these songs that often gets overlooked in the dance versions and “Anything Can Happen” was always a song that I thought deserved to be heard in the way I originally intended it,” said JES. “It came from a really pure emotion and I always wanted to have a version of it that comes across that way...

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Nick Martin Drops New Single “I’m Ready” – Listen

Nick Martin continues to torch the 2017 summer music scene with his latest release “I’m Ready,” a fresh melodious follow up to the hit single “Shackles” released earlier this year.

Nick’s contribution to The Bearded Man’s imprint, an all-encompassing Armada Music “sub-label,” “I’m Ready” fuses an upbeat drum line with silky vocals. The single is a far cry from some of Nick’s earlier works such as “Red Lion” and “Zaska,” which focused on energy surging bass lines. “I’m Ready” has garnered more than 3,500 views four hours after being posted on YouTube.

The Beast From Greece

During the early stages of the house music scene taking over Europe, Nick performed at random clubs in his hometown of Athens, Greece as a DJ and producer...

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